01. Discovery & Research

02. Initial Concept & Design

03. Development & Launch

  1. 01. Discovery & Research

    Living Rooms Across America helps individuals and organizations discover existing issue-based campaigns while providing market research on some of the country's leading non-profits and companies. By working closely with a network of established organizations, LRAA has access to a number of leading non-profits and helps identify existing campaigns on which to build local, statewide and/or national living room tours.

  2. 02. Initial Concept & Design

    Living Rooms Across America helps individuals and companies with the process of creating new ideas and designing unique and memorable living room experiences. Utilizing an established model, Living Rooms Across America helps organizations design living room performances and conversations that capture the goals and mission of various specialized and issues-based campaigns.

  3. 03. Development & Launch

    Living Rooms Across America helps develop and launch comprehensive living rooms experiences that include a mixture of both music and storytelling. Through curated conversations, Living Rooms Across America provides unique and memorable experiences that stimulate conversation, build community and inspire people to get involved in local and national efforts to positively change our world.

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